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What makes a good social media strategy and how to put it together? We’ve got a couple of tips for you, based on our experience at Online Solutions:   

1)        RESEARCH 

The most fundamental element of a successful social media strategy is RESEARCH. Without researching what your client does, their industry, and world topics, your strategy will be bland and you’ll have a hard time handling it. 

2)        ENGAGE 

A good social media strategy should always include dedicated posts and time for interacting, asking questions and connecting with the audience you’re trying to reach.  

We’re at a point where engaging with your audience should be e a KEY element in growing your network. 

How to engage? 

              Questions/polls on stories 

              Liking other pages’ content 

              Following other pages 

              Tagging other pages 



Defining clear goals before you begin building your social media strategy will help you keep track of progress, and identify points at which you may need to ramp up efforts. 

4)        STAY RELEVANT 

Post about relevant world subjects. Make sure that this suits the brand first. Sometimes when you are planning months before you may forget about doing a post about how great the weather is that day, or how you plan to tackle the new covid-19 restrictions in your country. Make sure that even though you do have a social media strategy in place, you keep space for these random posts/stories that you will need. 


Every social media strategy should include the measurement and analysis of your progress. The most important data to look at is reach and engagement.   

At the end of the day, you cannot begin your social media journey without having a strategy in place. And remember that that strategy will change along the way, and that’s OKAY. It should change! 

If you are looking for experts in putting together a social media strategy, get in touch with Online Solutions.