How Can You Get A Permanent Residency In Cyprus By Working From The Internet?

Cyprus has become a hot spot now in the Mediterranean coast, drawing investors and tourists from around the world. At prime locations in Cyprus like Nicosia or Limassol, there is a recent surge in the number of buyers of the property. Yes, with the government’s approval for the foreign nationals to buy the property and settle down, the numbers have risen. However, there are quite a few prerequisites to follow before you get your permanent resident permit. You may have seen countries giving such grants to full-time working people or students. But if you are working from home as a freelancer, what is your chance? Let us check on how to get Permanent Residency in Cyprus, working from home.

  • Profession: You must have a job in a foreign company and not any company in Cyprus. You can even be working full-time or freelance from home as long as you do it legally. You will definitely need to show your annual income and savings to ensure you can afford to settle down in Cyprus if you go for a permanent residence here. In case you are found to be indulging in any profession in Cyprus, you will face legal problems.


  • Minimum Annual Income: If you are from a non-EU country and willing to buy a property in Cyprus, you need to have an annual income of €30,000. This could legitimately be your salary from abroad.


  • Extra Income Support For Every Dependent: If you have any dependents, you need to add €5000 to your annual income.


  • Have Sufficient Savings in a Cypriot Bank: You need to show the papers and documents proving your savings in a Cypriot bank to provide for your family.


  • Your Regular Visit to Cyprus: The clause also requires you to have visited Cyprus at least once in two years.


  • Language of Documents: All your legal documents should be in English or Greek. An official translator should do the translation for you before you purchase the property.

The permanent residence permit issue will be for the long-term of five years. You may go for an extension of validity after its expiry and then after it automatically gets renewed. In short, even if you are working from home, you can get your PR to help you settle down in Cyprus.


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Permanent residency Cyprus
Permanent residency Cyprus
How To Sell On Amazon FBA With A Company In Cyprus?


For those business minds that do not leave out on any single opportunity to make a considerable profit, selling on Amazon is easy money while working at the comfort of home. Amazon is one of the greatest retail e-commerce platforms on the whole Earth that not only has a large consumer base, but the seller count too is enormous. Utilizing the opportunity to sell to a large group of audience is vital owing to the tax benefits that you get as a resident of the recovering economy of Cyprus. Utilizing both the opportunities to the fullest offers very high ROI than any other business model with a lesser effort from your side.

How Amazon FBA Works?

Amazon doing business in about a dozen countries is open for sellers and buyers from the rest of the world too. For those wondering if Cyprus is one among the list, it is among the 102 countries that Amazon accepts for selling. Added with the free trade policy of Cyprus, you literally can make a lot of money with zero or very less tax to be paid back. Amazon has its doors open for sellers and offers many methods to engage them for a smooth trade. One of which being not required to have citizenship or a company in the market you want to sell. For instance, you can sell in the US market through by just owning a Cyprus company and a Cyprus citizenship.

Amazon Fba Cyprus


How to Sell Goods to the US Audience from Cyprus?

Topping all, the Amazon FBA Cyprus mode of business is what makes a whole lot of difference than selling in any other e-commerce platforms. You have to choose between individual management, which is a hassle for out-of-country sellers, and the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). To the question of how to operate Amazon FBA in Cyprus, there is nothing more to do than shipping the products in bulk to the nearest Amazon warehouse, and you can wait for the money to flow in. Just the marketing is left to be done from the seller’s end. Every other thing from packing, dispatching, and listing the product is taken care of by the people at Amazon. The payment of sold goods is credited through the bank account submitted in prior. Speaking of bank accounts, the registration process for becoming an Amazon seller is easy taking less than an hour if you have the tax number and other documents ready with you.


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Why Cyprus Offers One of the Most Attractive Tax Regimes in Europe for your Online Business?

Online business is the normal around the world today. Cyprus has become one of the top EU countries with attractive tax slabs and rates. They have special benefits for the citizens with other country’s citizenship and those with Cypriot citizenship. This said, many investors are looking at a positive arc of growth the country is sporting right now. The geographical location and its closeness to other European and Asian countries have given it a boost. This is why today Cyprus is the best place for digital business today. What are the different tax benefits you can look for while doing your online store or e-commerce business?

Amazing Tax Structures

One of the crucial areas every entrepreneur thinks of while starting a business is the tax he has to pay. In Cyprus, if you are a tax paying citizen, you just have to pay a corporate tax of 12.5%. This is perhaps the lowest it can get. There are 0% withholding taxes on dividend payments. Thus, there is no tax on the dividends to pay as a Cypriot-based online business entrepreneur to your shareholders abroad. This is in case your business is a trading firm. However, there are also benefits if yours is a Holding company based in Cyprus. You get complete tax exemption on the disposal of subsidiaries and shares.

More Benefits for All Cyprus-based Investors

The best reason for any person to go for the online business is its small scale set up. At Cyprus, you will get highly skilled professional staff in your payroll. You will not have to worry about office property. You can get a residential property for VAT as low as 5%. In fact, the tax saving benefits is the reason for investors to settle down in Cyprus today. Many companies are looking for setting up their head office here because of its low tax rates and even for making a loss on taxes.

Best of EU Agreements

Cyprus has really struck a solid deal with other EU countries for favoring its business milieu. Today, we talk of tax benefits in Cyprus, but we also have to remember the country has over 64 double tax treaties and more than 40 EU trade agreements. This is helpful for the entrepreneurs to rake in millions in earning from their digital business in Cyprus. This is perhaps the golden era of doing e-commerce business in Cyprus.

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Your eCommerce Business Plus a Cyprus Company = Win-Win

Cyprus is now a gold mine with a Midas touch. This is probably, the best time to be in Cyprus, not just to vacay, but to invest and settle down as well. Talking of investment and settling down, yes, Cyprus allows entrepreneurs to start their business and settle down here. The e-commerce business in Cyprus is definitely worth investing and there are several reasons for you too. Let us check out how this e-commerce business can be worthwhile to you and for Cyprus.

• Start with Less and Get Great ROI
One of the key reasons for the people to start an e-commerce business is, it does not require a big investment in the office property. Secondly, you will need to have the staff and third party vendors in hand to handle the delivery seamlessly.

• Make Use of the Internet-driven Population
With a great majority of the population using the Internet from their mobile phones, e-commerce thrives. You will be able to reach out to thousands and millions of buyers for your business with ease. Cyprus has one of the highest Internet using population in the world. Additionally, if you can do this in association with Cyprus-based firm, the result will surely be a win-win for all.

• Cyprus with Friendly Laws
Cyprus definitely has plans for tax saving for the entrepreneurs based in the country. Non-nationals can also come to Cyprus with their E-commerce plans and do it from here. Entrepreneurs will need to register with Cyprus VAT authorities. In order to avail tax benefits, the e-commerce business in Cyprus must be based in Cyprus. The entrepreneur must have a citizenship or PR permit. With this, he can proceed to set up the business. Cypriot government seeks for 10% of the taxes for the business.

• Government Support
Last decade saw a low in the Cypriot economy. During this time, the average Cypriot chose to start e-commerce and dropship businesses. There has been no looking back since the revenue these online businesses have generated is vast. It is for this same reason the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations has been promoting the business vehemently.
Besides regular shopping sites, there are e-commerce sites based in Cypriot offering banking and financial products and more to EU country members. The potential e-commerce sites have today surely seeing a growth.

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Get Better Income Taxes Working From Cyprus For Your eShop

Get Better Income Taxes Working From Cyprus For Your eShop

When you become a tax-paying citizen of Cyprus, you will need to pay taxes to the Cyprus government. To become a Cypriot resident, you need to have spent more than 183 days a year in the country. There is also an option of the 60-day rule to become a citizen. Whether you draw income from within Cyprus or from jobs in other countries, you need to pay taxes here. However, there are specific rules on what to pay and how to pay if you are running your E-Commerce business. Cyprus as such has one of the lowest tax rates in the entire EU. Cyprus-based businesses have to pay taxes on their worldwide income at a rate of 12.5%.
Let us check out the tax details for you to know and pay in time.

• Taxes as a Resident and as a Non-resident

If you are a resident of Cyprus, you need to pay taxes on any income from any of the sources mentioned here. You will have to pay taxes on rents, profits, dividends, and income. As a non-resident too, you need to pay taxes on rents, pensions, income from any companies in Cyprus or even profits from businesses in Cyprus. In short, you are required paying taxes only on income earned in the island country of Cyprus.

• More about Other Specific Tax Slabs

If you are disposing an immovable property, and earn capital gains, you have to pay a tax of 20%. The typical VAT rate in Cyprus is 19%.

• Save on Taxes

You will be able to save your income tax in Cyprus if you are drawing a lump sum payment on the retirement or commutation of pension or even the gratuity. If you are taking a scholarship for higher studies, you will not have tax exemptions of 100%. Likewise, even as you incur capital sums from life insurance policies, PF, and approved medical schemes, you get 100% exemption.
Many people invest in running their e-commerce business from Cyprus. Its coastal location fuels up its excellent logistics. It is also a budding real estate market for those willing to become a citizen here and start a business right away. Make use of the tax laws and get the best while living in Cyprus. Whether for tax saving on their income from their eshop or simply for getting a better quality of life, one can always benefit while in Cyprus.

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Invest 2 Million And Get A Passport In Cyprus To Reduce Your Business Taxes

If you are an investor and like keeping a note of each country’s growth and development, you will know of the booming economy of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus is now a big draw among the investors, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers alike. If you are eager to become a citizen and look for the ways on how to get a passport in Cyprus, here are the steps to follow.

• Check out the Golden Visa Plans
You can get a permanent residency permit. To gain citizenship however in Cyprus, you will have the option of investing 2 million in the real estate. The country will be offering citizenship in just as many as 6 months after making this investment.

• Perks of This Investment
On making this investment, you get a citizenship of an EU country and permit to work and travel or study anywhere in the EU countries, including the UK, France, and Germany.

• Save Taxes on Investment
Entrepreneurs often wonder about how to save business taxes in Cyprus after investing in real estate. Citizenship is very beneficial to your plans. It does have its additional tax saving donation plan to help you further. Additionally, you get PR permit too of living in Cyprus. As per the non-domicile entrepreneurs, you have zero taxation options of worldwide dividends and interest based income. This is for a total of 17 years.

What Makes The Citizenship and PR Status So Essential in Cyprus?

As a growing country, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the real estate property in Cyprus. Get that beach facing villa in a booming coastal area of Cyprus. The property rates are competitive now, and to get yourself property and even settle down, you will need to follow a few strict rules.
Investing in real estate now is better since the rates for the property will go high soon by the rate of growth. You now do not have to worry about how to get a passport in Cyprus now thanks to these unique investment plans.

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