5 Essential Steps To Open A Free Shopify Store Now In Cyprus
5 Essential Steps To Opening A Free Shopify Store Now In Cyprus

Are you thinking about venturing into an e-commerce business? Are you an entrepreneur with a brick and mortar store in Cyprus? If any of these answers are in affirmation, it is time to open an online store with one of the leading e-commerce platforms! Shopify is currently powering more than 500,000 online stores across the world with its useful features. Moreover, it is easier to open a Shopify store than one using Magento or WooCommerce.

The popular e-commerce platform also has a unique partner program that enables Shopify store solution providers to set up a free eshop Cyprus within no time. However, remember that the free eshop means a Shopify store with a free trial for 14 days so that you can fully discover its potential for your business. There is even no need to enter any credit card details!

Let’s discuss the 5 easy steps to open a free Shopify store now.  

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Shopify, enter your email address, and click on the start free trial button. You will be directed to a page to enter your password and online store name. Enter a store name and a strong password and click on create your store button.

Step 2:

Enter the details in the form, such as where you are an existent seller, your current revenue, and all. You can skip the page to move to the next in which you need to enter your personal details such as first name, last name, address, city, postal code, and contact number so that you can get your payment. Once you have filled this form, you will be then directed to a dashboard.

Step 3:

Add your products, customize the theme, accept payments and set the shipping rates. You can always explore the free themes to make your Shopify store as you have envisioned. Remember, this will take longer as you need to fill several forms.

Step 4:

Now, you can add pages in your online store that you get under the online store on the left side of your store dashboard. For the same, you need to click on the add page button.

Step 5:

On the left, you will also find settings and can see plenty of things that you can do to set a fully-functional and responsive Shopify Store.

It is easy to open a free eshop in Cyprus, but it consumes much of your valuable time. As an entrepreneur, you may want to give your full attention to grow your business. So, the best course of action is to hire a developer at Online Solutions. With us, you can get your dream Shopify store quickly at an affordable cost.

We also provide valuable services, including translation of your store into local languages, the configuration of delivery, and general settings. Moreover, our digital marketing experts can connect your store with various marketing tools and promote your online store without any delay!

Tax Benefits In Cyprus
Top 5 Advantages Other Than E-commerce Tax-Benefits In Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is presently a gold mine for investors. While it’s true that Cyprus is quite beautiful to enjoy a long vacation, this is also the best time to invest and start an e-commerce business. The nation was severely hit by a banking crisis in 2013 and has now emerged as a tax haven for entrepreneurs. So, if you are an entrepreneur planning to start a business, you may already know the eCommerce tax benefits in Cyprus.
After all, Cyprus offers one of the lowest tax rates!

You also don’t have to bother about the double tax as it has already signed treaties with over 40 countries worldwide. You have to get a citizenship or permanent residency (PR) permit and then make Cyprus the base of your e-commerce business. So there’s no need to worry about getting a local Cypriot partner, because this is not a requirement here.

Top 5 Benefits of Starting an eCommerce Business in Cyprus

  1. Strategic Geo Location:

    Cyprus is between Africa, Middle-East (Asia), and Europe. Thus, it emerges as an ideal location to promote your e-commerce business and expand it swiftly into new markets to serve a vast customer base. Do not forget that more than 85% of European people are well-versed with the internet, and about 60% of these people prefer to shop online.

  2. Highly Developed Country:

    The country has excellent infrastructure in terms of transport, internet connectivity, and healthcare facilities. Remember, the nation also boasts of two international airports- Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport. It also has multiple ports for easy transport of cargo and passengers.

  3. Highly Educated People:

    There is no shortage of local skilled workforce in Cyprus. More than 40 % of the local population aged between 25 to 64 years has completed post-secondary education, which is higher than the European average!

  4. No Barrier of Language:

    Although Cyprus has Greek as its official languages, there is no language barrier. You don’t have to communicate with your employees, customers, or stakeholders in Greek. The country was a British colony for more than 80 years, thus meaning a significant number of Cypriots can read, write and speak English almost fluently.

  5. Safe for Entrepreneurs:

    In Cyprus, you can remain assured about the safety of your intellectual property (IP) in a cutthroat competitive landscape of e-commerce. Moreover, the process of registering a trademark is easy and fast. Being a member of the European Union (EU), your IP remains protected under the strictest laws while adhering to the standards of WIPO and EUIPO.

How can Online Solutions Help You?

Cyprus also has a remarkably stable government that is pro-business and takes concrete steps to attract investors. So, if you have a brilliant product or a bunch of services that you want to sell over the web, make the most of the advantages offered by Cyprus.

Here, Online Solutions comes into the picture. We offer eCommerce web development services and facilitate customers to build their digital brand, communicate effectively with their consumers, and generate quality leads to high-performing and feature-rich websites.

Today, Cyprus is an attractive investment destination for not only locals but also people of other nationalities. So, grab this opportunity of eCommerce tax benefits Cyprus today.

Call our experts to find out how we can help you to develop your brand and online presence.  

Shopify Store
Why A Shopify Store Is The Best Store For E-commerce In Cyprus

With over 500K active stores in more than 170 countries across the world, Shopify is now a leading e-commerce platform. It is helping countless people in starting online stores within no time. Opening a Shopify store is extremely easy in comparison to other e-commerce platforms. So, if you have a brick and mortar store in Cyprus with some products that you want to sell to a large customer base, open a free Shopify store now! However, you must know the reasons due to which a Shopify store is the best store for e-commerce in Cyprus.

So, let’s have a look below.

Enables Product Selling on Several Channels

Here, you can utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as a sales channel to boost your overall sales. It also enables you to sell your products on Amazon or through a custom mobile app. Moreover, you can unify your products with the help of Shopify’s built-in POS system. Therefore, with Shopify, you can sell your products anytime and anywhere!

Offers Multiple Payment Gateways

When you open an e-commerce store, your store must support trusted payment methods, or else you have to exclude a large proportion of your target customers. The same does not happen when you choose Shopify in Cyprus, as the platform supports multiple payment gateways to offer a smooth shopping experience to your customers.

Fast Loading Speed and Excellent Performance 

Nobody loves to wait for more than a few seconds during online shopping. So, if your online

store loads slowly, most of the store visitors may never return. You may lose a big chunk of your potential sales. So, loading speed matters a lot, and the Shopify store guarantees excellent performance. Your customers will never have to wait, even at checkouts.

Facilitates Selling of Digital Products

While many e-commerce platforms only enable the merchants to sell their physical tangible products, Shopify allows you to sell your digital products such as digital arts, e-books, music, etc. It enables you to classify your products into different categories so that if you have digital products, their delivery can be through email or online storage.

Easy Integration with Shopify POS

If you are not eager to abandon your brick-and-mortar store completely after starting an online store, you can do this easily by integrating it with the Point-of-Sale system of Shopify. With Shopify POS, you can have shared data between your online store and your physical store to manage your inventory, sales, and everything else in a hassle-free manner.

However, if you are worried about the process that goes to open a free Shopify store in Cyprus, don’t worry! Online Solutions offer Shopify e-commerce solutions, everything starting from designing and converting your online store into local languages to SEO optimization at a reasonable cost. Remember, selling online was never this easier and faster. However, many merchants fail to get the expected return.

Our professionals build secure, reliable, and flawless eCommerce websites to get your maximum ROI.

Contact us Today and we will send you a Free development Shopify Store with Unlimited Trial Days

How to Dropship from Cyprus to Europe?

As per the report by Deloitte, Cyprus is an emerging hotbed for startup ventures. Talking of the small-scale but successful ventures, we cannot ignore businesses like e-commerce stores online and even dropshipping. You may have heard of eBay. But you may not have heard of dropshipping. We shall talk all about that and even know the ways to dropship from Cyprus to Europe.

The Best of Talent and Technology

Currently, we are living in times of technological advancements. Cyprus is a member of the European Union countries, and its close links with European, Asian, and African countries makes it a great place. Its shipping and logistics sectors are always prosperous thanks to this location. Therefore, using technology, you too can benefit from having a dropshipping business in Cyprus.

Dropship from Cyprus to Europe

When you are in dropshipping business, you need to have a great understanding of it. You also need to have several logistics and shipping firms in your liaison. In addition, look out for the options in dropshipping via Amazon FBA and do business to Europe and other countries too.

Firstly, you will need to contact local suppliers or wholesalers to supply your customers with these products. It will not be a big problem if you have a long-term deal with these wholesalers and find great traffic on your site. You will find the best solutions for your products, and then on forwarding the order summaries to the wholesalers, you can do the dropship with ease.

Small businesses can now set up in Cyprus very easily. Even if you do not have a significant amount as capital, you can start the dropship business. It is less expensive an investment, and handling the cargo becomes simpler if you have the right vendors in line.

Benefits from the Business in Cyprus

The location of Cyprus and its bustling economy on one side, its preference to give citizenship to small business entrepreneurs, make it a great spot. Doing business with Europe will be saving money for you while also saving taxes for your business. Whether you invest in short-term or long-term ventures, your ROI will be high when you operate from Cyprus.

Keeping all these factors in mind, investing in these ventures in Cyprus is not just great to make money but also helpful in settling you down here.

AdobeStock 75987450
Your eCommerce Business Plus a Cyprus Company = Win-Win

Cyprus is now a gold mine with a Midas touch. This is probably, the best time to be in Cyprus, not just to vacay, but to invest and settle down as well. Talking of investment and settling down, yes, Cyprus allows entrepreneurs to start their business and settle down here. The e-commerce business in Cyprus is definitely worth investing and there are several reasons for you too. Let us check out how this e-commerce business can be worthwhile to you and for Cyprus.

• Start with Less and Get Great ROI
One of the key reasons for the people to start an e-commerce business is, it does not require a big investment in the office property. Secondly, you will need to have the staff and third party vendors in hand to handle the delivery seamlessly.

• Make Use of the Internet-driven Population
With a great majority of the population using the Internet from their mobile phones, e-commerce thrives. You will be able to reach out to thousands and millions of buyers for your business with ease. Cyprus has one of the highest Internet using population in the world. Additionally, if you can do this in association with Cyprus-based firm, the result will surely be a win-win for all.

• Cyprus with Friendly Laws
Cyprus definitely has plans for tax saving for the entrepreneurs based in the country. Non-nationals can also come to Cyprus with their E-commerce plans and do it from here. Entrepreneurs will need to register with Cyprus VAT authorities. In order to avail tax benefits, the e-commerce business in Cyprus must be based in Cyprus. The entrepreneur must have a citizenship or PR permit. With this, he can proceed to set up the business. Cypriot government seeks for 10% of the taxes for the business.

• Government Support
Last decade saw a low in the Cypriot economy. During this time, the average Cypriot chose to start e-commerce and dropship businesses. There has been no looking back since the revenue these online businesses have generated is vast. It is for this same reason the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulations has been promoting the business vehemently.
Besides regular shopping sites, there are e-commerce sites based in Cypriot offering banking and financial products and more to EU country members. The potential e-commerce sites have today surely seeing a growth.

Step by step guide for Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a smart investment for the people who are looking forward to making money online. The Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA model is growing tremendously because it not only fulfills your orders but also helps in storing, packaging, picking, and shipping the products to the customers. This makes the work a whole lot easier for E-Commerce sellers since they do not have to worry about packaging and delivery services. If you are a seller based in Limassol, Cyprus then just register with Amazon and start looking for product opportunities, Online Solutions Cy Ltd can handle the rest of the work.

Create Your Business Account on Amazon FBA

If you are keen to sell online on Amazon, you require registration with a ‘Professional’ account. Here, your first month will be free and for subsequent months, you will be charged a fee of $39.99 monthly and the selling fee. The E-Commerce sellers based in Limassol can contact with us for further information. Online Solutions Cy ltd, have the team of professionals that will help you in setting up your Amazon FBA business account and offer various marketing solutions too. Below are the steps to set up your business account:

  • Firstly, click on the link and set up your fulfillment account.
  • Now, scroll down and click on the ‘Selling on Amazon’ link. With this, you can reach to millions of customers on the Amazon platform.
  • Then after selecting an option whether you want to ‘Sell as a Professional’ or ‘Sell as an Individual.’ By registering as a professional, you need to pay a monthly fee.
  • Fill out the required personal and business information to become an official seller on Amazon. You do not require any legal information here to kickstart your business initially.
  • The E-Commerce sellers based in Cyprus need to provide their personal tax information that usually includes the social security number. This is required for the sellers operating outside the US.
  • The sellers based outside the US also needs the following:
  • Credit card
  • You need access to the local bank of your country that supports the Automated Clearing House or ACH. It means any electronic funds transfer by Amazon will be deposited there.
  • You must provide your permanent home address to receive personal mails and local contact number with your country’s prefix.
  • The sellers from outside the US require the ‘US EIN Number.’ You can obtain it by filling the Application for Employer Identification Number and IRS Form SS-4.

Finally, by using the above steps, the sellers from Cyprus can register with Amazon. If you need any assistance, reach out to Online Solutions Cy Ltd. marketing advisors who also provide SEO Limassol Cyprus service along with web designing and development for the promotion of your E-Commerce business.