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Create Your Logo And Register Your Trademark From Cyprus

Whenever you think about a brand, the first thing that comes to your mind is its logo. A logo, in turn, is a trademark of a business that helps in customer retention. So, it is quite significant for every business irrespective of its size. Since a logo is a valuable intellectual property asset, you must register it so that nobody else can use it to sell their goods or services. The registration also prevents any possibility of future conflicts with any other business. Before you register your trademark in Cyprus, make sure your logo represents your business value and ethics.  

At Online Solutions, we create engaging and purposeful graphics that captivates your audience.  Our brand designers thoughtfully create graceful design that distils the spirit of your business. A logo is the identity of any business, and we have been designing logos for brands across Cyprus for a long time.

Our small island also allows foreign citizens and business owners to apply for trademark registration. Getting it done in Cyprus means extended protection as the country is a proud member of several conventions, including the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Its new trademark law published in June 2020 has simplified the registration process.

Steps to Register Your Trademark in Cyprus

  1. Conduct a thorough search at the registry of trademarks to find out whether any similar logo is already registered or not. This process may take a few weeks, and the search report is delivered by email. However, this step is not mandatory in Cyprus.
  2. Hire a duly licensed practicing lawyer in Cyprus and proceed with the process of filing the process of registration of your trademark along with paying the due fee.
  3. Once the Registrar received your application and the respective fees, he or she will thoroughly examine whether or not the logo adheres to Cyprus’s trademark law at the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver.
  4. If your logo met all the requirements, it will get a Next, a certificate of trademark registration is issued. It may happen that the Registrar will request you to furnish some additional information or provide some explanations before registering your logo as a trademark. Else, your logo will get published in the official gazette.

Once your trademark is registered, do not forget to renew it after seven years. After the first renewal, you must renew it  every fourteen years. Remember that the Registrar may refuse to register your logo as a trademark if it does not have proof that one can represent graphically. Sometimes, when it lacks a distinctive character or seems in conflict with the common moral principles, the trademark registration is refused. There may be many more grounds for refusal of registration.

Hence, choose your brand designer carefully. At Online Solutions, we understand every business is different. Therefore we create unique and clear graphics so that you can register your register your trademark in Cyprus without any hassle. Get in touch today for an incredible logo design.

4 Creative App Marketing 1
4 Creative App Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

Marketing is an essential part of reaching out to your customers, whether it is for products or newly designed apps. You can create awareness amongst your customers about the company’s new apps through promotional messages or blogs. Moreover, the organization must also seek the best marketing strategy that will work great for promoting your app. Companies need to get their apps designed by experienced professionals. One can take apps Cyprus service from renowned company Online Solutions. Let us now see a few critical app marketing tips.

Go for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to market your apps. They have a large audience spread across the globe, and you can reach millions of people in a short time. Moreover, the influencers can state about the use, benefits, etc. of your apps. It will help potential customers to know how your company’s app can prove useful for them.

Leveraging Your Website

If you already have your company’s website that is functional and mobile-friendly, then it can prove as a great asset to promote your app. Nowadays, customers are tilted towards app shopping so if you have a company’s app, it will prove beneficial to reach out to every type of audience. You can promote your app through a pop-up or dedicate a section of your website for it. Companies based in Cyprus can avail apps Cyprus service from renowned professionals.


Another great way to increase your app insights is through SEO optimization. You should opt for SEO services for your website that is promoting your app. Even relative keywords and backlinks to your app can also encourage the audience to download it. This marketing strategy will always keep you on the top of the Search Engine Rankings.

Social Media Marketing

The Companies possessing a tremendous social media following can also promote their apps through social media platforms. You can dedicate a blog for the same on Facebook, post an ad, pin it, or use the sponsored Ads on Instagram. All these considerable marketing ways will help you to reach out to the maximum audience and without spending any extra money.

App marketing can become easier if companies follow a strategic plan. IT will help the customers to know about the presence of your app in the market. The brands based in Cyprus looking forward to affordable and quality apps Cyprus service can reach out to the professionals at Online Solutions Cyprus.

10 Tips for Your Business

There are steps to follow to put any website on the path to get a good ranking in the search results. The more efficient and easiest way to get featured is to hire an SEO expert in Limassol Cyprus. However below you can find a set of actions to rank your Business.

  1. Create a Website: It is necessary for a business to create a professional website. Google will certainly take a note of this aspect and see how well your site is helpful to the visitors. So take time to explore the trends and get the services of top companies for Web design in Limassol Cyprus.
  • Stay in Touch with Competitor Brands: Observe the styles your competitors are using and take the best points to use the same on your site. Try to do some research before approaching the site layout.
  • Create a Blog Section: A blog section can feature trending topics and simply have your inputs on the site. Use all the tools to check your grammar and spellings right before posting.
  • The Importance of Being Earnest: Talk about your business on your blog.
  • Say No to Stuffing of Keywords: There is no point in using keywords just to feature your blog higher. Use long-tailed keywords but without losing the essence of the blog.
  • Link Websites the right way: Normally, people spend a majority of time on the Internet reading random articles and blogs. If you can create interesting blogs and generate curiosity, they will visit your site and spend a long time on it. The longer they stay on your site, the better for your site.
  • Increase the Page Loading Speed: Ideally, your website should not take more than 2 seconds to load. It deters the visitors if the loading speed is less.
  • Have a Good Word? Share it: Once your website and all the social media accounts are ready, do not miss on sharing your user’s reviews. These reviews will establish a word of mouth online and help your business.
  • Collaborate and Pick from Others: Be observant and see how collaborating sites work. If you see how these partner sites function, it will help you too.
  1. Campaigns and PPC Advertising: With great strategies, paid campaigns and Pay per Click advertising can increase the visibility of a site.

For social media marketing in Limassol, Cyprus, and all other web designing and development services, you can choose Online Solutions Cy Ltd. We have on-board designers and SEO experts to help you

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Why Choose us for your SEO?

Every entrepreneur would need professional SEO companies to make great presence of their business in the digital world. However, you may wonder, “Will it work?” What will they do?” “How will I know if they are able to give a proper result?” Do not worry now as companies like Online Solutions Cy Ltd. offers the most effective and efficient services of SEO in Limassol, Cyprus. Whether it is a single blog or an e-commerce site, you can avail a host of services like SEO, Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, etc. to optimize your website.

Online Solutions Cy Ltd. takes care of the following SEO activities to position the client’s business high in the competition.

  • Close introspection of the site: Starting from checking the site design, to the coding and then using strategies to make a difference in the site’s ranking in the search engine results – SEO Online Solutions Cy Ltd in Limassol, Cyprus offers it all. The company closely inspects the site and prepares a list of keywords to make it more visible on the searches.
  • Use of Webmaster Tools: The next step of SEO for Our Company is the use of Google Webmaster tools to find and analyze the real problems bothering the site. In case, there are any small errors or glitches that could have a great impact, the SEO experts of Online Solutions CY Ltd will note them and make the changes.
  • Auditing of a site: In parallel to the above research and analysis, the SEO team performs site audit of the factors like URL structure, loading speed of a web page, title tags and Meta description tags, internal linking, and content.
  • Learning from the competitor brands: Branding is the next step to help in heightening the image of any firm online and offline. With great observation of the competitor’s brands, the company uses advanced digital marketing tools and necessary steps to create a better image online. Doing guest blogging or participating actively in several forums, going interactive or live on social media – Online Solutions Cy Ltd. can do it all.
  • Content for better outreach: With eloquent and engaging content, one can reach out better and to more avenues. So, the professionals of SEO Online Solutions Cy Ltd Based in Limassol Cyprus give sufficient time to create content for all the sites and conduct cross-platform sharing.
  • Constant analysis for improvement: There is always a room for improvement and the SEO experts keep an eye on the real-time data of analytics to shoot out any troubles. They also do touch-ups and updates now and then to bring in more traffic and increase revenue for the client’s business.

Get the best SEO services and Social Media Marketing in Limassol Cyprus for your business.