Graphic Design Trends

As the year 2020 ends and the 2021 dawns in a few days, we are all set to witness a revolution in the designing world too. 2019 so far is about bold strokes and avant-garde in style. The upcoming year will witness more changes but in a subtle manner.

If you are planning to go for your designing needs to a firm in graphic design Cyprus based, like Online Solutions, you will notice these changes. What are they? Let us enumerate more here:

  1. Au Naturel! This year has so far been all yellows and blues everywhere, from logos to websites. However, 2020 will be all about softer pastels and muted colors. These palettes will be a soothing breather from those vibrant yellows, greens, and reds we have seen so far.
  2. Be Original: You always want fast results and hence resort to Stock images from the Internet. The modern designers are ready to make waves with original designs. These designs can be abstract, and they have an aura of being intellectual at the same time. You can rely on this trend to be every creative designer’s dream come true moment.
  3. Bold Fonts Make a Comeback of Sorts: Yes, we have seen this phase a couple of years back. It is making a comeback and how! The designers are now laying the impact of using them on a solid or textured background for maximum effect.
  4. Use of Flow Lines and Shapes: This is a trend every designer offering graphic design Cyprus based on will be embracing this 2020. You can expect lines to give fluidity and add that imaginative streak to the thoughts. There will be no limit to the extent the designers will go using these in backgrounds on muted color palettes.
  5. 3D Realism Remains Firm: You can rest assured that your now-favorite 3D images and designs remain. They have received love and appreciation in 2019, and yet, the trend will continue in 2020.
  6. Bling with Metallic Shades: From packaging materials to invites, gilt finish on anything will be more prominent in 2020. You will notice a metallic sheen like anything on the designs.

Whether you are seeking a revamp for your products or websites, wait until 2020. The year promises a plethora of positive trends you can get from the reputed firm Online Solutions, offering graphic design, Cyprus based just for you!