Nike, Adidas, IKEA, McDonalds, Fridays, H&M.

You can probably visualize all of their logos right when you see these ‘words’. And you are also probably familiar with what each of these companies provide.

And so it’s safe to say that they have managed to create some powerful brands.

But people knowing your name/your company’s name isn’t all that matters. What most businesses and entrepreneurs care about, when it comes to building a brand, is not only the awareness of their company’s name, but also the acknowledgement of the vision behind the name.

Therefore, people knowing you is just one of the components of building a brand. From a holistic outlook, building a brand is also creating a relationship with your clients/customers, and it is also providing a vision and mission that people can either resonate with, care about, or simply align with.

And just to clarify, you can build a brand without being globally known. You can also build a brand within your country or within a community. Not everyone has to know you to be considered that you’ve built a brand. You need to be one of the authorities in the market. Someone people trust. Someone people remember when they hear your industry.

With the world growing so rapidly both in population, technological advancements, and development, people buy lots of stuff. Sometimes they buy stuff they don’t even need. Why? Well, truth be told, we are sometimes fooled by our heads that we should get this, or get that, to feel happy. And therefore today, consumerism is hitting the roof.

Building a brand isn’t a one strategy fits all. However, there are some basic steps that you can use to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

#1. Building trust

For the exact reasons I explained above, people are buying more stuff, but most people have started to become very selective on where they buy this stuff from.

Trust is important in cultures all around the world. And the boldest example of this, is relationships. We all navigate the world by building relationships with people. And to build real relationships you have to trust people.

Therefore, if you want to build a relationship with your customers, or your prospects you must show them that they can trust you.

How? No, you won’t go out on your social media platforms posting that people can trust you. You’ll show them that they can. Remember the cliché quote?

“Actions speak louder than words.” Well, it fits perfectly, and it is so true when it comes to building long-lasting trust.

Build trust by showing your audience/potential customers/existing customers how you can help them! Do this by adding value upfront. Don’t tell them, show them!

#2. Add value

Adding value to your customers can happen in various ways. It can happen by providing free perks for them to experience your services or products before they commit Or it can happen through creating valuable deals and affordable pricing.

It basically happens through putting your client first!

This of course translates into something different for each type of company, but truth be told, the best way to accomplish this and get creative and innovative, is by taking yourself out of the equation. Evaluate how you can help your ideal customer. Get into their shoes. What do they care about?

#3. Show authority!

How do you build authority? Well, you basically show people that you know what you’re doing. You know your craft inside and out. If you own a retail business, inform people about quality, fashion, effects of your products.

Authority goes hand in hand with trust, you build trust and authority together! By giving value, and providing information, education, and showing expertise!

#4. Be human, connect

Okay, this third point sounds a bit weird, but it is so, so real and its importance is growing day by day.

People want to feel connected, and they want to feel part of something. So, always, again depending on what type of business you have, you should be aiming to connect with your customers/audience.

This might come in the form of creating an innovative and great customer experience, or through having a support team to assist your customers during any problems they might face. You can connect with your customers through your vision! Give the opportunity to people to become part of a community and meet others with similar beliefs and interests! Create a place where people connect with each other.

P.S. We know many brands that have been already established years ago, and which do not include this aspect much in their strategy. However, we believe that as times change, our strategies change alongside them. Therefore, these already existing brands, had to thrive in a time where competition was obviously lower, and buying in bulk, to lower your prices was the rule of thumb. And many others who built a brand based on ‘expensive means quality means brand’. What we see now though, is these big companies trying to also connect more with their customers or bring a more meaningful purpose to their brands.

People started paying attention to companies that do more than just sell cheap stuff or expensive clothes just for the sake of it. And they care more about the environment and animals. And what is also worth mentioning is that a lot of people have started supporting local businesses which create a more personal experience for them.

In other words, if you wanna stand out today, you’ll need more than just pricing. You need to be different. And you’ll need to invest in real relationships, with real people.