How Influencer Marketing Has Changed The Game2
So, what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing, simply put, is people with a high following on social media, endorsing products. Be it fashion, beauty, sports, cars, food, or anything you can think of. They give their review of this product, in an attempt to ‘influence’ you to buy it, or at least to follow the company’s page who they’re promoting. So essentially, the brand receives brand awareness, and in the long-term hopefully, sales. In Cyprus, influencer marketing is KEY!

How has influencer marketing taken over?

Influencer marketing has made it easy not only for well-established brands to benefit from it, but also for new startups who don’t have large budgets. By collaborating with micro-influencers (usually those with under 15k followers), small businesses can offer their product/service in exchange for a post/story. This essentially means no major budget is put into it. Teaming up with micro influencers can help small businesses build a database of customers and create a social media hype around the brand in a short time.

Brands have realized that the end consumer becomes more receptive to messages delivered by a personality that they respect, trust and relate to, rather than seeing the ad come directly from the brand. which often seems like spam or seems intrusive to the consumer.

So, if your marketing strategy for 2021 doesn’t include influencer marketing, make sure to re-think that! Especially if you are a small or SME business!

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