COVID 19 Changed Marketing

It’s safe to say that the past 18 months have been a time like no other for the modern world. This has  brought on some new changes to the way we live life, especially in Cyprus.

Working from home is being implemented more, people are taking their hygiene more seriously, and consumer behaviour in Cyprus has changed.

Here are 5 new marketing rules that are required to drive growth in a post-Covid-19 world.

  1. You are competing with the last best experience your customer had, rather than with other competitors.

Companies should constantly be thriving to make themselves better than they were before, rather than focusing on being better than their competitors. Customer loyalty has increased during covid-19, so that means it is your duty as a brand to keep your clients through your marketing.

1. The rise of videos

Videos were already becoming more popular on Instagram, but then March 2020 hit and Tik Tok blew up, throwing in huge competition for other channels.

This means brands now have to up their game not just with their visuals, but with videos too.

2. Relationships are everything

Covid-19 is placing a new emphasis on relationships, particularly in B2B sales. It is more vital than ever to build relationships with customers founded on trust, by showing your customers insights and solutions.

With people spending a large chunk of their time online due to lockdowns, marketers now place a higher focus on building and maintaining strong customer relationships online.

3. Being ready for anything

With lockdowns coming and going, marketing managers are forced to be on top of the news and act fast with campaigns.

This teaches marketing managers to work faster and better.  This is a positive outcome one would say, from the pandemic.

4. Online shopping is only going to get bigger

Social distancing and lockdowns are forcing all age groups to shop differently. The dramatic rise in the adoption of e-commerce sees no sign of leaving. We see that the vast majority of consumers who have increased their use of digital services, such as home delivery,  pickup, or shopping via social media platforms, expect to sustain these activities in the future.

Take grocery shopping in Cyprus, for example. Before the covid-19 pandemic, there was no way to grocery shop online. Then, thanks to and other online platforms, online grocery shopping was implemented and all age groups started taking part, including Baby Boomers.

We are already living in an increasingly digital world, and the pandemic has simply accelerated that trend.

Whilst the way that we do business in Cyprus and everywhere, has been fundamentally changed, the goal stays the same. To create customer affinity generate brand awareness, increase leads, and grow.