developers in limassol cyprus

Choosing a developer in Limassol can be really tricky. Cyprus is filled with construction and development companies, which are now largely investing in real estate.

Maybe you’re looking to buy land and build a beautiful house for your family. Or maybe you are looking to invest in real estate by renovating an old beautiful house.

Well, actually, Limassol Cyprus has become the hotspot for this.


But how can you decide on the best developers in Limassol? There are so many to choose from, it can get overwhelming.

Stick around and we’ll give you a list of the best ones in Limassol, and links to their websites.

Then we will proceed into explaining what is important to consider when choosing which developer to work with.

Developers in Limassol, Cyprus:

developers in limassol cyprus

What to consider when choosing a developer in Limassol


  • Define your goal

The first step in creating an awesome partnership with a developer is to think about your goal for the project.

Do you want to build your own home? Invest in real estate? Renovate an old house and turn it into a restaurant? Or buy an already built apartment in a beautiful courthouse?

The goal is important since every project will need a different approach from both the developer and you.

And an example of this different approach is the location of the project. For example, you might want to build a house, rent it for some years, and make money from real estate and then live in it yourself when you retire. In this case, you might have to consider a favorable area high in demand for rent, which also combines a place you’d be happy to live in when you retire.

Defining your goal will help the developer guide you, or find the ideal place for you.

  • Research

The list above includes all major developers in Limassol, Cyprus, and the link to their websites.

How do you choose your food at a new restaurant? You check out the menu first, and decide what you think you’ll like best, right? If you just went with the first plate you saw on page 1, you might have ended up missing out on something better.

Likewise, it is important to check out your options when choosing a developer. Read their Services sections and compare. Who can offer what you want?


  • Previous work & authority

Most developers include a Portfolio section in their websites or a Projects section. The purpose of these, other than making sales, is to give visitors, like you, a clearer picture of their work.

Check out what they did in the past or what they are working on now. This might give you a better understanding of the type of projects they undertake or even give you ideas about your own project!


  • Contact

Lastly, contact the top developer on your list! Tell them about your project, and thoughts. At this point, you might also want to ask about the cost, and the time the project will need. Basically, talk about all the specifics.

It is advised to write down your questions beforehand so that you make sure you got all the answers needed to make an informed decision, by the end of the meeting.

You will probably need to understand whether or not this developing company, is right for you.



The developer will do all the dirty work for you. They will do the research regarding the location you wish to build on, and they will also make sure there is available land for what you want to do.

It is the developer’s responsibility to execute all necessary work regarding the permits needed to build in that area, and also make a financial summary of how much the project will cost.

And finally, start the construction process.

At Developers Limassol, we aim to give you all the information you need before starting off your developing project.

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