For those business minds that do not leave out on any single opportunity to make a considerable profit, selling on Amazon is easy money while working at the comfort of home. Amazon is one of the greatest retail e-commerce platforms on the whole Earth that not only has a large consumer base, but the seller count too is enormous. Utilizing the opportunity to sell to a large group of audience is vital owing to the tax benefits that you get as a resident of the recovering economy of Cyprus. Utilizing both the opportunities to the fullest offers very high ROI than any other business model with a lesser effort from your side.

How Amazon FBA Works?

Amazon doing business in about a dozen countries is open for sellers and buyers from the rest of the world too. For those wondering if Cyprus is one among the list, it is among the 102 countries that Amazon accepts for selling. Added with the free trade policy of Cyprus, you literally can make a lot of money with zero or very less tax to be paid back. Amazon has its doors open for sellers and offers many methods to engage them for a smooth trade. One of which being not required to have citizenship or a company in the market you want to sell. For instance, you can sell in the US market through by just owning a Cyprus company and a Cyprus citizenship.

Amazon Fba Cyprus


How to Sell Goods to the US Audience from Cyprus?

Topping all, the Amazon FBA Cyprus mode of business is what makes a whole lot of difference than selling in any other e-commerce platforms. You have to choose between individual management, which is a hassle for out-of-country sellers, and the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). To the question of how to operate Amazon FBA in Cyprus, there is nothing more to do than shipping the products in bulk to the nearest Amazon warehouse, and you can wait for the money to flow in. Just the marketing is left to be done from the seller’s end. Every other thing from packing, dispatching, and listing the product is taken care of by the people at Amazon. The payment of sold goods is credited through the bank account submitted in prior. Speaking of bank accounts, the registration process for becoming an Amazon seller is easy taking less than an hour if you have the tax number and other documents ready with you.


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