If you’re already reading this, then chances are you already know what eBay is. Maybe, you are wondering how you can start selling on eBay as a company in Cyprus, and if so, we’ll try to make this process clearer throughout this article.

eBay is an eCommerce platform, meaning that people can use it to sell products online. The platform allows you to create an account for free and, once verified, start your business.

Some basic information for selling from Cyprus

Firstly, eBay has created a list of different countries from which people are eligible to create an account, and luckily Cyprus is one of them. However, there is no eBay.cy site (there is no specific website for Cyprus yet), meaning that sellers usually choose another country’s website to use for their work. A lot of sellers based in Cyprus use the UK eBay website, but there are various other options within Europe that might suit you better.

This gives rise to another question though. How does shipping work when selling from Cyprus?

Well, you have a few options actually. eBay provides various shipping providers for you; however, you can still choose local pickup (if you are selling only in Cyprus), or even choose your own shipping provider within Cyprus. Furthermore, if you choose to sell worldwide, you might also benefit from the global shipping program (which might be beneficial if selling to a country outside the EU).

How to start

  1. Decide which country’s website you’ll be selling from

Make sure you do your research before choosing which eBay website to use. If for example, you plan on shipping mostly in Europe, then maybe a website based in Europe (the Netherlands) could be useful. However, if you prefer to use the UK site, to ensure that the language spoken is always English, that’s also a valid point.

Here’s a list of all eBay website options you have in countries around the globe.

  1. Create an eBay account

Depending on the country of your choice, you then create an account on their website – this is a process free of charge.

  1. Start selling!

It really is this simple! Once you have your account, you’ll see a section (in the UK website: at the top right part), labeled as ‘sell.’ When you press on that, you are asked what you’ll be selling, so that eBay can generate templates for you based on other people’s already existing products.

After you select a template that matches your product best, you can customize it as you like. Lastly, once you’ve already kickstarted the process and have your profile, then go ahead and learn what you need to do to create a ‘successful’ listing.


As a company or individual in Cyprus, you can definitely benefit from eBay eCommerce. You firstly however need to think about where you want to sell so as to make other decisions easier for yourself in the future (i.e., which platform to choose, what shipping options to choose, etc.)

Once your first decisions are made, time to get to acting. Create an account on eBay and start selling. It will take some trial and error, and some adjusting to the platform at first; however, it is very straightforward to use even to people with zero experience, and the eBay community is there to help you out with any questions you might have as well.