Food bloggers in Cyprus

The food scene in Cyprus is huge – from local cuisine to international, we’ve got it all. Since the rise of influencers (and micro-influencers) in Cyprus, food influencers seem to be amongst the most popular and seem to be rising on a daily.  

Food bloggers in particular, appeal to a diverse consumer base. Whether you are a mother looking for a new recipe, a young adult looking for the next up-and-coming place to visit, or a tourist visiting a new destination, your search is never-ending, and food bloggers have got you covered.

In fact, influencer marketing has become KEY in Cyprus for restaurants & bars, especially in COVID-19 times, with many being in high demand of their services, and we simply cannot ignore their influence within the marketing game. Essentially, the brand receives brand awareness, and in the long-term, hopefully, sales! 

So, we have put together a list of our favourite food bloggers in Cyprus, who we believe have the ability to create awareness for YOUR brand, should you be in the food & beverage industry.  

1. Cyprus Foodies 

2. Cyprus Eats 

3. Foodlogger.Cy 

4. YummySpies  

5. Worldfood_360 

6. Cyfoodgram  

7. Cypriot and Proud

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