Firstly, what is Influencer marketing? Simply put, influencers are people with a a large number of followers on social media, endorsing products. They give their (honest) opinion about a product that they have used, in an attempt to ‘influence’ you to buy it. If you are not influenced to buy it, you are at least influenced to follow the brand. Already, by this, the brand has obtained a potential new customer. And in Cyprus, influencer marketing is KEY! 

According to, 90% of marketers have planned an increase in their influencer marketing budgets, and 49% of customers have said that they rely on influencers’ advice. 

As a marketing agency in Cyprus, we have realised and understood the importance of influencer marketing for our clients.  

This is why, as an agency, we offer special packages for our clients  

Why would you use influencers in your marketing strategy in Cyprus? 

  1. Drive brand awareness and get real results  
  2. Cypriots believe the honest reviews of their peers 
  3. Access to a specific target audience  
  4. Measure the effectiveness of a campaign 
  5. Personal relationship between you and the brand, via the influencer  
  6. Gain access to User-Generated Content (UGC)  

People trust people. And sometimes, it’s hard to see or relate to a person behind a brand. By using influencers to endorse your brand, finally they can relate to a person.