As we gear up to welcome 2021, we also have to admit especially new packaging trends are something to look forward to defining the business world. 2020 was more about minimalism, black and white colors, or the use of an extensive gradient in graphics. Let us look at the top designs to get from Online Solutions for getting the best packaging design Cyprus based.

Top Trends in Packaging Design to come in 2021:

  1. Elaborate Descriptions: The designers have today understood that packaging has to be elaborate. The time a user touches a product and unboxes it, he has to get the first-hand idea of the brand and its philosophy. The user would take time to read that small story of what goes behind the designing of that particular product. It could help in instilling a sense of being a part of the brand’s inner family circle.
  2. Neon Everywhere: Not going subtle this time, are we! Brands are using brightness in packaging with colors they might have shied away last year or maybe till the retro years! The packaging might have minimalism carried forward from the last year but the neon colors will be there.
  3. Natural Colors and Soft Tones: The designing industry is looking forward to using more earth-related colors. These colors are ideal for organic products specially and this adds value to the products in general.
  4. Eco-Friendly Packaging Material: Many companies will be using this year first-hand to maybe and it is a carry forward from last year. The packaging material will be made from recycled materials and taking the sustainability one-step forward.
  5. Proper Layout for Easy Reading: While writing all about the product details on the package, designers often go for a cluttered appearance. 2021 will see the designers offering packaging design Cyprus based on a neat layout in mind. The letters will have enough space and the writing will be in neat boxes. Just de-clutter it!
  6. Blurred Images: The labels of packages are going to be with blurred images. The writing on these blurred images will be bold and with ample space in between each letter to ensure great clarity.
  7. Transparent Bottles: Whatever you decide to package, milk to raspberry juice, you will be able to do the same with transparent packaging.

The top designers offering packaging design Cyprus based are sure to get the best from the trends in 2021 for making the products more stylish and functional.