Creating a successful business today is much more complex than it used to be. Now, if you want to stand out it almost inevitably means that you need to utilize the digital world – always morally of course.

What does utilizing the digital world even mean? Well, it simply means being able to understand your audience and market to the point where you can offer them what they need and care about. And this, in turn, brings success to your doorstep as well.

Over the years, many platforms have been created that gather up data regarding the behavior of your audience/customers, help you manage your social media marketing & calendar, and give you insights on SEO & keywords.

And using these platforms is taking full advantage of what the digital world has to offer.

Right now the number one data analytics platform is:


What is Semrush?

In short, it is a suite of tools for growing your online presence and strategies. This includes SEO, data analytics, social media marketing, market research, and content tools.

The first time we heard of and started using Semrush for our clients it seemed overwhelming because of the variety of tools it offers. However, it is very easy to navigate through tools since everything is listed down for you and categorized.

Semrush: what it offers:

Everything you need to grow your online presence – and thus your business – can be found on the platform.

P.S. The platform allows you to check out all the tools it offers, understand them and use them for free in a free trial. This is extremely useful since you can check out for yourself if it works for you!

However, let’s take a look at the 5 different areas available by Semrush, and how they can be used to grow your business.

  • SEO
  • Content
  • Market Research
  • Advertising
  • Social media marketing


SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important features for growth and targeting the right people. If your goal is to get your company’s pages at the top of Google search results, then SEO is definitely one of the areas you should be investing in.

With keyword research, you are able to know what most people are searching for, and therefore what keywords you should be using on your blogs, website, etc. Semrush also helps you build links – which are vital for website authority, track your ranking for your target keywords, and even compare your competitors’ SEO strategies.

Optimizing your website is one of the best ways to bring organic traffic (not paid) to your website, build trust with your prospects, and create a brand with a voice. And an additional advantage to all of this is that you can target both worldwide audiences, as well as the local and national audiences (using Local SEO).


The content area in Semrush is basically an all-inclusive dive into the type of content you create and how resonating it is. The tools available help you figure out what your audience cares about and what type of content you should be posting to trigger interest.

In addition, it provides tools for analyzing content performance, and therefore compare what works best – so that you can do more of that. Furthermore, you have content calendars, content distribution tools, as well as SEO tools to help optimize your posts in relation to your target audience.

The content you create on your site is basically the front of your business.

Market Research:

Going a step back… How do you know who cares about your product or service? How do you know what keywords to use? Well, this is where knowing your market like the back of your hand comes in.

How do you understand and build knowledge of your market?

Simply put, you look at what is already there: your competitors. And by no means does this mean ‘copying’. When we analyze our competitors’ performance and strategies we aim to see what is working and what isn’t so that:

(1) We don’t do the same mistakes others did, and

(2) We use the already existing information to improve it or innovate with it.

Tools in market research are mainly based on competitor analysis. Basically, you analyze the keywords your competitors are using, their Ad strategies, their social media strategies, and so much more. You have the tools to dig into keywords related to your market for PPC campaigns. And therefore, you have a lot of additional information to build your own strategies on.


Similar to Market Research, the Advertising tools also allow you to analyze your competitors’ target keywords & strategies. The keyword tool is an invaluable asset of advertising since it helps you understand what is relevant and what you should be investing in – and how!

In addition, in the Advertising area, you will come across monetization tools such as an SEO writing assistant and on-page SEO checker. In other words, Semrush uses information from the most successful sites and creates recommendations and ‘checks’ for what seems to be working. This way there is no need for you to invent the wheel. As we mentioned above, you build on the knowledge, past mistakes, and successes of your competitors and create a strategy based on your goals and your prospects’ needs.

Social Media Marketing:

SSM stands for Social media marketing and SERM stands for search engine reputation management.

Social media marketing tools basically include social media posters and ads. The social media poster allows you to schedule your posts on a variety of platforms such as Google my Business, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. From our experience, this turns out to be a great time-saver. Imagine scheduling everything within a 2-hour time block on a Friday morning for the week ahead. You’ve already got the posting hustle over and done with, for the whole week!

In addition, in both posting and creating social media ads, you get to observe and analyze their performance and check what’s working and what isn’t.

So, what now?

One of the most important parts of success is actually knowing what you want. People talk about all the strategies and what it takes to succeed, but to be fair, the number one step to success is deciding what you want. Therefore, how do you know if Semrush is for you?

Well, there are a few ways:

  1. You can read about it and learn what it offers and how you can utilize it (which you are doing now)
  2. You can try it yourself.

Using Semrush yourself:

We understand that there is great uncertainty when asked to invest in a platform you don’t even know. That’s why we encourage you to begin the free week trial and decide through your own experience.

“I don’t have the time”:

In most cases, running a big company isn’t a one-person job. Therefore, you might find value in investing to partner with SEO, marketing, and data analysis professionals. 

At Online Solutions, we have built a team of experienced individuals that talk with you and figure out your needs. This can be anything from a simple social media management scheme, to complex ad campaigns and data analysis. You name it and we can inform you of it, and work alongside you to achieve it.


The bottom line is that if you want to go big – and transform your business from an ordinary one to one of the driving forces in the market, then Semrush is probably a tool you’d really appreciate.

And as a side note…

Your company, idea or startup, might be the most innovative idea ever introduced to the world. But if you fail to target the people who’d care about it, then it’s like you’re trying to paint a picture, without the colors.

A service or product needs its customers. Without the customers, it’s just a great idea.

You can turn the great idea into reality! Start your Free week trial today – or contact us!