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An E-wallet is basically your actual physical wallet in electronic form. E-wallets are particularly important for E-shops – since that’s where the transactions happen!

E-wallets allow people to pay online using money they have in their credit/debit cards or bank accounts.

In fact, E-wallets or digital wallets can be software, electronic devices, or even an online service that allows transactions to take place.

Given that online shopping has become a prevailing alternative during the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have chosen to shift into the digital world. Consequently, E-wallets are being used more and more every day.

But how do you decide which E-wallet is the best for your E-shop?

Throughout our years of experience in the field of building online stores and optimizing them, we have gathered 5 of your favorite E-wallets for our clients’ use.

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1. Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet is a payment service that takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more than 20 other payment methods.

The company’s greatest advantage over various other e-wallets is the fact that they charge 0% on acceptance fees. This means that you are charged nothing for the administration fee of the transaction.

In addition, Viva Wallet makes it possible for companies to receive payments not only through online stores but also physical stores.

Some of our favorite features of Viva Wallet are:

  • Next day settlements (merchant will receive the funds the day after the transaction)
  • 3D secure checkout (making the paying process more trustworthy)
  • Viva Wallet reporting dashboard

Viva Wallet can also be integrated with Shopify stores by installing the plugin!

If you want to find out more about Viva Wallet and how it works you can check out this site!

2. PayPal

Using PayPal for your E-shop can be really convenient and clever since the majority of people in Cyprus and worldwide use this service.

Basically, people can link their cards to PayPal and checkout for any online payment using their PayPal account.

It is no secret that people love ‘easy and fast’ and this is what PayPal prides itself to provide. When your clients set-up their PayPal accounts, and link their cards, they can pay easily from their phone or laptop at any time.

In addition, PayPal’s years of service have built trust with both merchants and customers. It is a secure method to pay since your financial information remains private.

PayPal is easily set up through Shopify stores to allow online transactions. Another great advantage of PayPal is that it is pre-integrated with some other payment providers – giving you an all-in-one package!

3. Stripe

Stripe provides an infrastructure for payment processing and transactions. This is one of the most well-known payment software since it accepts Mastercard, Visa, and other combinations of payment methods.

Stripe pride itself in helping businesses also manage their spending, avoid fraud, and issue cards.

In addition, their straightforward – easy-to-use – APIs and integrations with platforms such as Shopify, Ecommerce, etc. make them one of the most dominant in the industry.

One of our favorite things about Stripe is the company’s continuous improvement in the software. They are constantly hustling to update their features so as to stand out and make Stripe easy to use and efficient for any type of business.

4. JCC Smart

JCC Smart might be familiar to you with the card machines people use in physical stores, restaurants, etc.

They have recently created an app which available both in App Store and Google Play.

Best known as a payment portal, JCC Smart is integrated with banks in Cyprus such as Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic bank and allows real-time payments. In other words, the transaction takes place at the exact same time that the settlement happens.

In addition, JCC smart allows you to pay your bills through internet banking.

5. Apple Pay

Apple Pay in Cyprus is used by many people since it provides a fast, private and easy way to pay online and physically. You can use it by linking/adding your card to Apple Pay.

The name itself of the service implies that it can be only used on Apple devices (Mac, iPad, Apple Watch).

With just a quick Google search on ‘Apple Pay Cyprus,’ you will see that the Bank of Cyprus, and Hellenic bank, both allow you to add your cards to Apple Pay.

In addition, Apple Pay has the Face ID feature that makes payments a lot more secure.

For your business, Apple Pay is a very helpful checkout tool, since it works with a majority of card issuers (i.e. Mastercard, Visa, American Express).

For more information on how to use Apple Pay as a business owner – check this out!

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