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According to the specialists, the demand for real-estate is about to go up in Cyprus in 2018, along with the prices. If you’re a company that deals with real-estate in Cyprus Limassol, you can’t just limit your skills to selling property. The real-estate market in Cyprus Limassol is very competitive, and in order to stay ahead of competition, as a real-estate agent you should be able to generate leads and work upon marketing campaigns that are effective.

In the past years, real-estate agents used to depend upon techniques of door to door marketing, bill-board advertising and networking. Nowadays, more and more people are shifting towards digital which changes the scenario. Nowadays, social media has taken over and is considered to be the best platform for advertising.
This article will discuss the best advertising methods for the Real Estate Industry in Cyprus Limassol.
Following are the top 10 methods to advertise:

1. Live Tour
Many individual prefer watching online videos rather than reading reviews. You can easily promote what you’re selling by putting up the video platforms like Facebook. You can offer them a live tour of the house you are selling.

2. 360 Images or Videos
You can show your customers what they can expect, rather than providing them with information that can only be read. With this methods, you can easily grab their attention.

3. Post Classified Ads 

You can contact ad agencies and post classified ads in Cyprus. If you’re looking to post free ads, you can contact various online dealers as well.

4. Keep an eye on Competitors
You need to observe how your competitors are advertising, how their website looks and how are they marketing their business.

5. Local Images
When you’re a real-estate company, if you’re selling a house, you need to attract customers with picture of the city and area the house is located in. You can take beautiful pictures in Cyprus and show them to potential customers, put them up on social media sites.

6. A Mobile-First Website
As people are now moving towards mobile devices, you need to create a mobile-first website. A website that is mobile-friendly, is what consumers ask for nowadays. Therefore, you can contact marketing solution providers located in Cyprus, to create a website for you.

7. Email Marketing
You can create a newsletter in order to build relationship with clients. You can send your subscribers the details about upcoming events and what you’re selling.

8. Go Niche
You can consider the idea of going niche, in the beginning. For example, targeting old people or divorced individuals in Cyprus. You could stand out from your competition by doing this.

9. Hosting a Webinar
Hosting a Webinar is a good idea in order to attract people and make them aware about what you’re selling. You can even include a Q&A session in that webinar.

10. Branding
Ask a company to design a logo for you and create a unique brand name in order to stand out from others.

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