SMS Marketing is not dead just yet. People are more attached to their phones than ever. We therefore should not ignore the power of SMS marketing. Screentime during the pandemic increased significantly. 

A changing landscape was brought on by COVID-19. There, where we thought that SMS had died down, it was brought back to life. According to a study by, 61% of consumers either increased or significantly increased the daily time they spent on their text apps.  

Some other interesting facts about SMS marketing that will make you re-think adding it to your marketing plan. According to SimpleTexting:
  • 62% of consumers have opted into texts from at least one business while 43% of consumers specifically have subscribed to one to three brands. 
  • 52% of brands reported increased opt-in rates between 2021. 
  • 43% of surveyed business owners and digital marketers who use SMS marketing report click-through rates between 20% and 35%. 
 Tips for Launching a Great SMS Strategy.  
  1. Give subscribers what they want to hear: give them what they opted in for. 
  2. Less is more! Always in marketing, but especially with SMS marketing.  
  3. Know who your audience is. Age is important as well, when it comes to SMS Marketing.  
  4. Avoid meaningless texts. Make sure when you send an SMS, it is for either: a promo, something new, or something big.  
  5. Keep it light; don’t be too serious. 
  6. Make sure the timing the text is sent off is right 

The point is, SMS marketing should be an integral part of anyone marketing manager’s marketing strategy for years to come.